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Finished the Inventory and Major Progress on a One-Block-Wonder, all on a Friday

Posted by Lynn Holbrook on

We have a huge wardrobe upstairs in the loft apartment above our store. We've done minimal remodeling except for the kitchen. We did some major stuff there. This building was built in 1904, so we have had some interesting "reveals". This One Block Wonder using panels was a revelation and it's been a lot of fun. But it's large and I'm not excited about large projects anymore. I don't think this will be a full blown quilt. Hoping to hang the quilt top with a border to cover the back of the afore-mentioned wardrobe. Furniture serves as walls for our bedroom and the wardrobe back faces the "living room". I'm hoping this will improve the view.

My registry of the 6 panels used to make blocks was a little off on some blocks so their centers aren't matched up. I have the middle and left side strips all sewn together. Will need to finish sewing the right strips and then I can join the left and the right to the middle and put a border on it.

We are fully enjoying our move to 925 Illinois. I have new fabrics coming in at the end of this month and more trickles in all the time. 


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