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What's It Like To Be Buried In Fabric?

Posted by Lynn Holbrook on

For a few weeks I have been receiving orders of fabric and adding them to my store. I'm actually putting off some other business... ha ha ha, right now, and writing a blog. DOH! But the time has come to KNOW databases. I've never had a head for databases and am newly come to the wonders of REAL LIVE organization. So, onward and upward. 

A bit of background - for a number of years after we entered 2000, I was rather ill and didn't have a zest for art, or much else, frankly. After I got a clue about how to take responsibility for my health and started to make gains, I also decided to let some things that I had bound up loose! So I did. I painted my living room and kitchen two different colors of spring green - just because I needed some green in my life. My fabric combinations for my quilts were wild - as wild as I could make them with the wonderful fabric I found locally in CO. I ate up Kaffe Fassett, and some other quilt patterns, and my work took on a life of its own.

In college while drawing, painting, weaving - you name it - I sought out signs and techniques and processes to prove that my unconscious mind was at work behind the scenes, and that it would triumph over tasks and procedures to be seen and heard. I was baiting it to appear! I lived for happy accidents. I risked quite a bit, but maybe only within the bounds of comfort. I happily made chaos and tried to reorder it, over and over. I wanted to see behind the veil in my mind into that illusive realm of the soul.

I think that I finally have discovered that country. It's not what I thought, but I'm hardly disappointed. It's much bigger than it looks from the outside looking in. I had to walk all the way through the door. I'm sure there are other countries left to find, like a treasure hunt. And if prompted, I'll be heading out to explore.

Right now, I'm exploring the country of retail - and it is a huge country indeed.