We Love Fabric!!

It's almost May!

Posted by Lynn Holbrook on

I have enjoyed working on some new projects. Having never made pincushions, I turned to an incredibly fun book and great guide - Carrie Nelson's Pin Pals, and whipped these out in record time!

We continue to add fabrics to our little store, and we provide a truly unique experience.  Half the store is fabric and quilting supplies, and the other half is shared with Andrew's Trains, a model train store run by my train-loving husband, Andrew Holbrook.  If you are out and about on I-80 in the NE panhandle, stop in and come to old town in Sidney. It's not uncommon for husbands to come with wives and shop both stores at the same time.  It gets loud when the trains are turned on, but they are truly mesmerizing.  Andrew has 5 (soon to be 6) different scales of model trains running on one layout.  It has stopped many a wild toddler in their tracks.  Ha ha. Very enjoyable!

While it has snowed heavily a few times in April, it has melted off quickly! Spring and warmer temperatures are WELCOME!

Have a wonderful day sewing!  I plan to fix some blue jeans.  Enjoy your life!