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Can It Really Be December 2021?

Posted by Lynn Holbrook on

Yes. Yes it is!

It was about a year ago that we were getting our two stores up and running, along with ordering and waiting for inventory. We had left our front door open, but there was not an open sign on the door because we hadn't purchased one yet.  We weren't really open. We were in and out of the front door, sometimes going upstairs, sometimes to the car... and however it happened, a passer-by pulled on the front door, walked in and said "hello" - and magically we were officially OPEN.

In this past year we have learned about retail and a lot about selling, ordering, and stocking these little stores. We opened up the main show room by removing a wall into the next room and that has helped with adding inventory. We've branched out a little bit into other aspects of hobbies that might be relevant to our customer base. I've added stamps and ink pads with refills, journals and 3-D cardboard animal puzzles. These aren't listed in the online store so far. Waiting to see how they sell.

I also make quirky birds and sell them. At Christmas I like to highlight the penguins.  Throughout the year I also make little chickadee-type birds, bluebirds and cardinals.  They all have unique personalities that seem to come out in the process of making them. I'm as amazed as anyone when they are done and seem to have a sort of presence about them.

These two went walk-about today.

Later in the afternoon they ended up in the newer Free Spirit and Robert Kaufman area. 

We hope this finds you in good health and excited to see what "the most wonderful time of the year" holds for you. Merriest of Christmases and may it be the Happiest of New Years for us all.